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About Us

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What is Find Me Food?

Find Me Food is an iOS Mobile application designed to help people locate Halal restaurants within the Central London region. The idea for this application came to light when I always struggled to locate Halal food whilst in central. I'd have to spend hours searching on Google and it was never easy.


This is what Find Me Food is looking to solve. Version 2 of the app is already in the works, with plans to make it more than a directory of restaurants. 

Key Features

Completely Free | No ads

The application is completely free, within the Central London region. There are plans to implement the Greater London region but might come at a one time cost.

App Features

  • Over 50 restaurants to pick from within the Central London region.

  • If location services is enabled, you will be able to see what's nearby to you.

  • Day/Night Mode

  • Restaurant of the day Widget

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